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Growing up, I was inspired by a magnet on my friend’s fridge, a muscular gray-haired man doing curls with a caption, growing old is for the weak. Those words stuck with me and I’ve lived to follow to preach those words. Investing for retirement is one part of the picture, but investing in your health so you can enjoy what you’ve worked for is equally as important. Hi, I’m Hunter Brockway, founder of Boca Retirement Strategies, here to guide you to a successful, stress-free retirement while spending more and avoiding being killed in taxes. Due to my profession, I view life choices as either assets slash investments or liabilities. Investing in your health is no different, and I literally mean investing. Because it is hard work to exercise correctly, spend money on healthy food versus ordering off the dollar menu, spending time preparing healthy meals versus ordering takeout, but this investment pays dividends in multiple ways. First way, an enhanced quality of life and investing in your health means living happier more energetic lives during your working years enabling you to excel further in your career and being fully present with your loved ones. Number two longevity and vitality in retirement by prioritizing your health you can expect to enjoy more out of retirement participating in a wide range of activities and keeping up with grandchildren all the while maintaining your vitality and independence. Number three reduced health care costs a healthy lifestyle translates to fewer medical expenses over time saving you money and allowing you to allocate resources towards experiences and pursuits that bring you joy. While I’m not a medical professional my studies and experiences have taught me valuable insights into healthy living. Firstly our brains and bodies need healthy fats such as avocado oil.

Zero-fat diets were a trend in the 1980s, however, Alzheimer rates have increased since then. This may not be a back-study, but a combination of findings and observations. 2. Watch out for chemicals We used to believe there was a stronger blood-brain barrier than there appears to be. The use of chemicals and unhealthy junk in food has also increased in the last few decades. However, products like toothpaste and shampoos use chemicals banned in other countries that we use in food consumables in America. I do my best to stick to clean and organic meats and veggies and natural products. 3. Washing out for inflammatory foods We all know arthritis is a thing. Taking steps along the way to make yourself feel better is the goal. That doesn’t mean that by eating anti-inflammatory foods you won’t get arthritis, but if eating inflammatory foods makes the pain worse, why do it?

4. Exercise Muscles begin to break down as early as 30 years old, which means we need to exercise our muscles even more as we age. 5. The sauna can help prevent Alzheimer’s and keep you healthier. Using the sauna shocks the body and almost puts it into a defense mode, almost stimulating as if you were combating an illness. The heat from the sauna increases blood flow to the brain, promoting growth of new neurons, while the stress-reducing effects can help prevent cognitive decline. And not that there’s a direct study, but in Finland, sauna use is intertwined into their culture. Finland also happens to be ranked the world’s happiest place to live. 6. Socialization is shown to keep the brain young and help prevent cognitive decline. Engaging in social activities and maintaining strong connections with friends and family can keep your brain young and vibrant, contributing to cognitive health and emotional well-being.

Join a group or scheduled gatherings and activities with your friends. Take action today by prioritizing your health, creating a routine that supports your well-being, and committing to living your life to the fullest. The alternative may be to incur additional health care costs and long-term care costs. Create a routine to live your life to the fullest. It won’t happen through willpower, you have to make it happen. And remember, it’s not how old your driver’s license says that you are that matters, it’s how old you feel. So if you’re proud of the age you feel, comment below your real age and then the age you feel. Or if you’re just getting started on this healthy and active journey, comment below how old you are and how old you feel to hold yourself accountable on this journey and watch your progress. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel. Thank you for watching. Enjoy your successful retirement. Bye.

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